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We develop ideas for experiments which appear in TV shows, science presentations and live events. We produce and lease requisites.


Our scientists, artists and technicians are well-versed in working hand-in-hand. Are you interested in a show or experiments concerning a topic which is not yet in our programme? No problem! We will develop it for you.

In this way many experiments for TV shows were developed (e.g. for Galileo/ProSieben, Frag doch mal die Maus/ARD, Kopfball/ARD, Wie schlau ist Deutschland/ZDF…) Some of these were big experiments, playing a central role in these shows, others were small but surprising.

Stage Shows / Stage Experiments / Specials

Your Logo
We can make your logo appear, e.g. as a highlight of the show. There are two possibilities:
•   We describe a canvas with invisible paint and spray it with a special chemical. The writing/logo appears through the "magic" of chemistry... (Chemical Screen)
•   We use polarizing filters to make your logo appear optically on an LED light box.
(Polarizing Filter)

Shows about special topics
For the stage we have developed, for example, a number of experiments orderd by a commercial bank. The themes dealt with “wind”, experiments about cars, and a short show about laser printers which was staged at the Cebit.

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