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Researcher’s Workshop

Here children and young people experiment and make things in our mobile researcher’s workshop and develop experiments on our own.

Launch of a water rocket Launch of a water rocket
Creative experimenting Creative experimenting

“Please copy”...

… what we say in our mobile Physikanten workshop. In our booth we work out experiments together with children, young people and families. This next generation of young scientist test things and then takes them home. The experiments can be creating water rockets, whirlpools in a bottle, cucumber batteries or the most basic electric engine in the world – in our workshop there are many witty experiments dealing with almost any topic you can think of.

Our experienced staff will bring all the necessary items: pavilions, tables, benches and any other material needed. All we need are boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 16 years of age who want to experiment and be creative.

The world's most simple motor The world's most simple motor
Tornado in a bottle Tornado in a bottle

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