physikanten & co // Specials // Van-de-Graaff-Generator


We let your hair stand on end with our highly fascinating hands-on exhibit. Ideally suited for events with walk-in customers.

The Van-de-Graaff-generator generates high voltage up to 500,000 volts! With it we perform countless spectacular effects – and a smile on the faces of your guests. Not only does the hair go up: With flying confetti hats, propellers and other gadgets, all those who don’t have long hair will get their money's worth.

How does it work?
When you hold your hand to the ball of the Van-de-Graaff, electric charge is being transferred to your body - even to every single hair. Same charges repel each other, which is why the hairs try to move as far apart as possible. You don't get an electric shock because you are standing on an isolated stool. Before you get off it , we unload the Van-de-Graaff again - and your hairstyle sits as before.

The Van de Graaff is stage-tested and is supervised by us expertly.

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