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Giveaway Experiments

Scientific or technical giveaways? We can offer you small and surprising experiments that you can present to your guests or place on tables ready to be experimented with.

The giveaway experiments make your guests rack their brains and try things out. You can use the experiments as an intelligent table decoration, which serves as a conversation piece and/or as a present for your visitors at the end of an event. In any case, you will indeed be offering your visitors something they have never seen or received before.

Some of our giveaways and a lot of other experiments are purchasable at our

The experiments are presented in small boxes or organza bags in the colour of your choice. Inside you will find a short, precise instruction and a scientific explanation.

The simplest electric engine in the world

Four things are needed to assemble this engine: a strong magnet, a screw, a piece of cable and a battery. Surprising and extremely quick!
download the description of the ‘mini-engine’ (german)


A precision-made gyroscope is made to accelerate to high speed with the help of a rope. Due to the conservation of angular momentum amazing tricks are possible
download the description of the 'Gyroscope' (german)

The upside down witch

Stunning: When you keep the glass bar in front of the text, only one word is upside down, whereas the others don’t change at all. If you know how it works, it is easy to understand.
download the description of ‘The upside down witch'

The floating foil

It is so simple, yet only a few people know how it is done:   a plastic tube and a piece of foil, cut in a specific way, are rubbed with some cloth and thus electrified causing the foil to float through the air.
download the description of ‘Floating foil’

Experiment on demand

A crystal heat pad, an experiment involving blowing hard – we can find and develop experiments suitable for your event.

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