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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a show cost?
Prices vary according to your requirements. For schools and other educational institutions we offer a specially reduced price. Just let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a no-obligation quote.

Is it not too much clowning around form my conference/awards show?
The speciality of the Physikanten is their ability to understand the event they are at. We have lots of experience with serious events where everything is on record. In our presentations, the scientific content and on-stage phenomena take centre stage; however we also want our guests to laugh and enjoy themselves.

Do the Physikanten perform in schools too?
Yes of course, and regularly! For schools we even offer special prices.

Do the Physikanten perform at private parties?
Yes, and we love it! Private functions regularly book our smaller show format: “Professor’s Highlights”.

What technical stage setup do we need to provide?
It is important for our stage shows (“The Great Physikanten Show”, “Professor’s Highlights” and “Science Dinner”) that we can be easily seen and heard by the audience, and that music recordings can be played. For the Table Hopping Science and The Close-Up Show, no setup is required. We are happy to bring our own sound and lighting equipment if necessary. Click here for the exact technical requirements.

Which of the Physikanten will perform the show? How do I get the A-Team?
We are proud of the fact that we are a fantastic team. Of course every presenter is different; but he or she would not be here unless we were 100% convinced of their quality and reliability. We always appoint presenters who will best meet the requirements for your Physikanten event. If you do however want a specific performer, let us know!

Are the experiments not too dangerous?
We have some experiments with fire and fog in the programme, which can only be performed if discussed in advance with the person responsible for the building - if that’s possible. In the unlikely event this cannot happen, we can provide alternative, spectacular demonstrations without fire. With the help of our technical manual, in which you can find examples of our fire experiments, you can answer safety questions immediately.

How long do the Physikanten need to set up and pack away?
Usually we plan between 2 to 3 hours for setting up. With dinner shows we estimate around 4 hours set-up time. Packing away generally requires about 1 hour.

Is it not too expensive for our event?
The cost of a 90 minute big Physikanten show is quite high. However we offer cheaper options, such as our “Close-Up Show”, which can be held without a stage or even electricity.

Does the set-up have to happen on stage?
It is certainly easiest if the complete set-up can happen on stage. However if there is another performance also running, we can set-up behind the stage or in a nearby room, and bring the experiments onto the stage with helpers. Depending on the show this can take between 2 to 15 minutes.

Can the stage also be used by other artists or performers?
Yes, if there is still enough space for us. This should be clarified in advance.

Do the Physikanten bring their own stage with them?
No. This would have to be provided by the organisers. Generally we require a stage area of 4 x 8 metres (4 x 6 metres in some cases) with a raised platform which ensures guests at the back can also watch the show clearly.

Will the guests understand all the content?
With a professional audience we generally keep the explanations shorter. In schools and at educational events, our aim is to reach the best compromise possible between good understanding and enjoyable entertainment.

What languages do the Physikanten speak?
We regularly perform our shows in English. If desired, we can also perform shows in French and Japanese (really!).

Is overnight accommodation necessary?
This must be decided on a case by case basis. If the show takes place in the evening and needs to be dismantled afterwards, we cannot then travel for long distances without rest.

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