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Professor's Highlights

1 actor, length 10-45 min, divisible into multiple sets, all topics possible

The witty and intelligent one-man show from the Physikanten, with big, spectacular experiments. The professor interacts with the audience in a very flexible and imaginative way, while also presenting a variety of experiments that he performs by himself. Electricity will flow through a chain of people, a generator makes hair stand on end, and a dog shrinks in liquid nitrogen. A very clever and interactive performance.

Most demonstration from our catalog can be presented in the Professor's Highlights show apart from the following ones that, in a solo show, either cannot be brought onstage at all or only in a restricted way:
CO2 in 2 Minutes, Can-Explosion, Wire Explosion, Faraday Cage, Gherkin Explosion, High/Low Voices, Hydrostatic Water Column XXL, Laser Bass, Rubens Flaem Tube, Floating Boat, Tesla Transformer, Walking on the Ceiling

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